Steve Barwick

Steve Barwick has over 11 years of land acquisition and divestiture, right of way acquisition, contract creation and negotiation, and advisory experience in the oil and gas industry and commercial and agriculture real estate markets.

Mr. Barwick is the principal and owner of Two Track Land Company, where he has been contracted to lead surface acquisitions and right of way for RKI Operating and other operators, in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming since 2014. Mr. Barwick has performed over $750 million in upstream and midstream land and right of way transactions. His experience includes drill site acquisition and access, pipeline and power line right of way acquisition, small and large land acquisitions and divestures, route planning and consulting, and land owner relations in 10 different states.

Prior to starting Two Track Land Company, Mr. Barwick held two positions with Chesapeake Energy, Real Estate Manager and Field Superintendent. As the Real Estate Manager, Mr. Barwick co-led drill site and facility acquisitions in the Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, DJ and Powder River basins. He also led asset divestitures and leasing before becoming a Surface and Facilities Field Superintendent for Chesapeake’s Rockies Division. In a two year span, Mr. Barwick acquired $300 million of surface acreage across the Dallas Fort Worth metropolis to support more than 55 drill sites targeting the Barnett Shale.

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Prior to Chesapeake, Mr. Barwick was an independent Real Estate Broker, specializing in commercial, agriculture, and dairy transactions with an emphasis on 1031 like-kind exchanges.

Mr. Barwick studied Real Estate Law, Practices and Ethics while obtaining his Brokers License from Executive Programs and earned a B.A. degree in Geography and a Minor in History from Fresno State University.